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          Toll-Free Customer Support 24/7

          Nilima Home Store


          Who We Are
          Based in New Jersey, Nilima Inc began in 2006 and has been growing rapidly as a retailer of home and office goods. Beyond providing unparallele selection, savings and customer service to our U.S. customers, Nilima Home and associated stores has opened its doors to online shoppers from Canada.


          Our Story.
          Nilima Inc began with just two employees, Ashwini and Shashi, and one online shop www.NilimaRugs.com.  In only a few years Nilima Inc. added 3 more store www.518748.com, www.NilimaLighting.com and www.NilimaWallArts.com to its list and the list is going on.


          Our Vision.

          To become one stop source for Home Decor.

          Our Mission.

          To create a friendly, easy to use network of  websites to serve our customers. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible to better serve all your needs.


          Shashi Singh   
          President / Founder


          Ashwini Maurya 

           Business Development / Co-Founder

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